Our Doulas, Abigail and Nicole

Abigail Iovine, BAI (CD), apprentice midwife

My name is Abby,

I've been married to my best friend, Brandon for 11 years.We have 7 awesome kids, 4 born in hospital, and 3 at home. We hope to be blessed with many more. As homeschooling parents, we enjoy simple living, raising a ton of kids, a few dogs, chickens & ducks.


I am an experienced certified doula providing  comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth education, on call, continuous  labor support, and professional, compassionate postpartum and  breastfeeding care.

I possess practical knowledge in  pregnancy/maternal physiology and public health and maternity care, both  in hospital and out of hospital.

I provide patient advocacy and  concierge services to the community, applying extensive knowledge and  hands on experience, to offer evidence based information to women and  their families. 

 I have attended births and served women in the following settings: 

water births • home births • hospital births • cesarean births • vaginal births

unmedicated/ natural births • medicated births • inductions • multiples • single mothers • trauma

addiction/recovery • bereavement/pregnancy loss 

keywords: birth doula, doulas, postpartum doula

Nicole Laudenslager, Certified Doula

I  am a mother of 6.  I've had natural hospital births, induced births,  induced with no epidural.. even an emergency c-section. I've had just  about every type of birth experience a person can have! But it was after my home water birth in 2010, that I became passionate about birth, breastfeeding, and birth advocacy,  I've come to know the community and support of other  wise women who've gone before me. 

We were not meant to birth and mother  alone! Unfortunately, this is where we're at in the Western world. I  want to try and help bridge that very important gap for the mothers of  my community. I studied the Midwives Assistant program through the Midwives Alliance of PA in 2015. I received Neonatal Resuscitation training (NRP) and CPR/BLS also in 2015, and again in 2017. In the Summer of 2016 I began studying Midwifery and  working as a Midwife's assistant. assisting in a busy practice,attending  homebirths. In 2017 I  became certified through StillBirthDay Doula.

What does a doula do?

A doula is a non - medical childbirth professional, trained  and experienced in labor support, evidence based pregnancy and birth,  and postpartum and breastfeeding support. 

Some of the benefits of a doula include:
 -Shorter labors
- Fewer complications
- Reduced cesarean rates
- Less need for intervention, such as Pitocin, epidurals, and forceps delivery
- Babies and mothers have more breastfeeding success
- Babies see shorter hospital stays and fewer admissions to NICU
- Overall women & families have a better birth experience

It is highly recommended that you hire a doula for your homebirth. Doulas are an integral part of your birth team.

For more information, please visit:

http://cardinalbirth.com/ for Abigail

https://hilltopbirthandherbals.com for Nicole


More services will be added soon, be sure and check back periodically for updates!